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Advanced Roofing Solutions are specialists in the application of cold applied resin, seamless roofing membranes which are the perfect solution for any commercial or industrial project.

The Triflex ProTect® system is ETA & BBA (British Board of Agrement) certified and approved and covered by a 20 year guarantee which can also be insurance backed.

Triflex ProTect forms a fast curing- elastomeric- monolithic membrane which is solvent free and low odour.

Whether you have a failed metal deck, single ply membrane, bitumen felt or asphalt roof covering, a cold applied Triflex membrane can be applied in most instances over the existing roof covering and without having to remove the existing and therefore minimising disruption as works are carried out.


Triflex ProTect® is a BBA and ETA certified, fast curing, cold liquid applied, solvent free waterproofing system for roofs. The fully reinforced, elastomeric system offers the maximum versatility in roof waterproofing with unique properties allowing it to be used all year round to waterproof all roof constructions; including zero pitch. The system is suitable for both new build and roof refurbishment and is compatible with almost all existing substrates; including single ply.


Suitable for all roof build-ups and applications from overlay to fully insulated warm roofs.


Each component cures within 50 minutes minimising the risk of damage to the system by rainfall when installing. Can be laid down to 0˚C whereas most other liquid systems available cannot be laid below 5˚C making this a true year round product. Solvent free and low odour.

Substrate compatibility

Compatible with virtually all roof substrates, including:
Asphalt / felt / bitumen /profiled metal deck / solar reflective coatings / GRP / hot melt membranes / vapour control layers / single ply membranes / cementitious materials / brickwork / stone / masonry / timber / ply / glass / insulation / metals / plastics etc.

Cold applied and rapid curing – even at low temperatures

No risk from hot works
All year round installation with minimum risk – minimal extension of cure times when applied at 0°C and cures below 0°C

Single process application

The system is applied in a single process saving time on site
As a single process application, the system avoids the inter-layer adhesion risks which can affect multi-coat systems

Proven fully reinforced waterproofing technology

Provides long term resistance to high levels of regular and unforeseen movement and flexural fatigue

Tough and durable

The standard system is designed for foot traffic and puncture resistance and is exceptional compared to many alternative materials
With an optional heavy duty wearing layer the system can be used for highly trafficked industrial roofs

Single ply overlay

Suitable for overlaying failed and failing single ply membranes
Significantly increases puncture resistance, trafficability and durability of single ply roofs


Full range of anti-slip coatings for balconies, roof terraces and walkways.


The system is fully certified to the highest UK and European standards and classifications, including:
  • BBA - British Board of Agrément
  • ETA - European Technical Approval (ETAG 005)
  • FLL - Green Roof Guidelines
  • EN 13948:2007
  • Fire performance - BS 476 / EN 13501-5 / EN 13501-1


The system is fully warranted as watertight for a period of 20 years.

Bullet Points

The system is fully certified to the highest UK and European standards and classifications, including:
  • Totally waterproof
  • Cold liquid applied
  • Exceptionally fast curing
  • Single process waterproofing application
  • Suitable for application at temperatures down to 0oC
  • Suitable for application at atmospheric humidity up to 95%
  • Fully reinforced
  • Elastomeric
  • Dynamic crack bridging (including low temperatures)
  • Seamless
  • Fully bonded with high levels of inter layer and substrate adhesion
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Suitable for zero pitch roofs and resistant to standing / ponding water
  • Compatible with almost all roof substrates
  • Vapour permeable
  • UV Resistant
  • Solvent free
  • Isocyanate free
  • Dry film thickness c.a. 2mm
  • System weight (excluding primer) c.a. 3.10Kg/m2
  • 20 Year water tightness warranty

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