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Advanced Roofing Solutions are specialists in the application of cold applied seamless roofing membranes which are the perfect solution for any commercial or industrial project.

Both Scotchkote and Topseal GRP roofing systems offer waterproofing membranes that are BBA (British Board of Agrement) certified and approved and carry 25 year guarantees. The installation process of both systems does not require the use of any heat unlike almost all other systems that are available today and as they are both liquid systems there are no seams or joints in the finished product which could lead to future leaks.

Cold applied waterproofing systems are becoming the favoured roofing solutions for both the commercial and industrial client as the use of "no heat" on any future flat or pitched roof maintenance means lower insurance premiums.

3M Scotchkote

The Scotchkote polyurethane roofing systems by offer the absolute best solution for any commercial or industrial roofing refurbishment. The systems available range from a 5 year short term solution which has been extensively used by clients who are moving property but need a quick fix to a problem roof. The 10,15, 20 & 25 year systems offer a full spectrum of solutions for the commercial and industrial client with the 25 year premier plus inverted and flat roofing system being the ultimate long term answer to your roof.

The Scotchkote membranes use a polyurethane base layer with fibreglass reinforcement. The resins do not set hard and can cover thousands of metres of roofing without the requirement of an expansion facility. Poyurethane resins use the moisture in the air to cure making it a real winner in the damp UK climate. Scotchkote roofing membranes can be washed down at the end of the gaurantee period & have another coating applied and a new guarantee can be issued.

Polyurethane systems are the number 1 choice for the encapsulation of existing failed roofing materials including bitumen felt and asphalt, profiled metal sheeting, lead, single ply PVC, Hypalon and EPDM membranes.

Asbestos Roofing Sheets (Cement Bonded)

The encapsulation of Asbestos roofing sheets is an area where polyurethane systems lead the way, there are literally acres of these potentially dangerous roofing sheets still in use and many of them are in a poor state of repair and could be releasing lethal fibres into the workspace.

These hazardous roofing sheets were installed in many commercial, industrial and agricultural units throughout the country and often due to the huge costs of asbestos removal and disposal are still in situ.

Advanced Roofing Solutions can manage the cleaning and priming of asbestos roofs and the complete encapsulation of the existing boards. Turning what was a potential hazard into a new and safe roof that is guaranteed for 25 years for a fraction of the cost of removing the old material and installing a new roof.

Topseal GRP

Topseal GRP otherwise known as fibreglass is a tried and tested solution for most new build and refurbishment projects. The resins used in this system are polyester based and set rock hard, making this system a "no brainer" for the covering of balconies and roof terraces. We have installed this system for Ramada Jarvis Hotels on a number of sites which take heavy foot traffic and it has proven itself.

Polyester resins cannot be applied directly onto bituminous products and have to be installed onto new T&G roof deck boards. Topseal GRP roofs can be coloured to any RAL or BS 4800 colour making these roofs the number one choice when it is a key requirement to match the edge trims of the roof with aluminium cladding, windows and doors.

Topseal GRP is in a league of its own when it comes to the waterproofing for a Green or Sedum Roof. The GRP membrane is so tough that it eliminates the requirement of a root barrier which is required with almost all other roofing systems currently being used for this purpose.

GRP roofs are often specified when the visual finish is paramount, this is achieved by the use of factory formed trims made of the same material which is bonded onto the new laminate, giving a crisp and engineered look.

GRP is the only real choice available when it comes to lead simulation, and with the ever growing trend of lead sheeting and flashing being stolen from under our noses GRP offers a cost effective alternative for lead which weighs far less than lead, costs far less than lead and is of no scrap value to lead thieves.

Advanced Roofing Solutions as a company is committed to providing our customers with a second to none service, and ensuring that all works are carried out to comply with Health and Safety requirements at all times.

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