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Unfortunately we know that some customers are being deceived because they are being sold a GRP roof under the name of TopSeal, when infact, the roof is completed using a much cheaper, inferior and unsuitable non-modified resin. The end result is clearly seen below. A roof which has cracked owing to thermal movement, where the laminate has been put under stress it cannot tolerate.

The end result is a failed roof.

The example shown failed within days of being completed.

When you choose Advanced Roofing Solutions, and have a genuine TopSeal roof installed by one of our approved contractors, you have one of the finest coatings for your roof that money can buy. A coating that should last for the lifetime of the building.

Why's Advanced Roofing Solutions (TopSeal) different? It is formed using specifically blended resins which are designed ONLY for roofing. They are designed and blended to give long-term performance in applications where high levels of thermal and mechanical stress might be experienced. Therefore, Advanced Roofing Solutions will not crack, split or delaminate, and lead to roof failure.

With Advanced Roofing Solutions flat roof failures are a thing of the past.

30-year Guarantee

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